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"Schools Cubed LLC recommends 1 World Translation for all small and large projects because of their attention to details and professionalism" 

Pati Montgomery  (Chief Education Officer)

document translation for 60+ languages


Translating vs interpreting?

Translating and interpreting share the common goal of taking the spoken or written word from one language and communicating it in another. Translating is done using written words and interpreting is done verbally.

MEETING your need

We are able to match to your specific needs, including a target dialect, with the right translator in the specific field of expertise desired. We are great at addressing simple or technical projects, as we have a range of translators with a variety of professional backgrounds and have years of experience with translation.

editing and proofing

Our editing and proof-reading teams are matched to your specific needs. We can handle transcriptions of any text, any document, any language, any size, for any purpose. We work with both large and small companies on a regular basis. 

We provide two editors for every document, included in our competitive price. 


We prepare written transcriptions from recorded materials for any language, including English to English. You’ll receive a clean, professional document, on time, per your specifications.  

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