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Transportation Service

1 World Translation has established transportation services due to a need for a safe, local, accessible method that is specifically for pre-set patient appointments with minimal waiting time for all people involved. Important to this population: as patients may either be impatient, or just not feeling well.  Waiting can be difficult for them and the staff to whom they come up to repeatedly ask about their return ride.

Drivers will wait the first hour with the first 30 minutes at no charge to the payor. Thereafter, wait time is calculated in 15-minute increments at a rate of $4.00 per 15 minutes. We will ask the driver to expect to wait for the first hour. When you call in your order the representative will ask if the first hour wait is OK with half of it at no charge, and if you’d like to extend it to 1.25 or 1.5 hours if needed.

Extended wait time may require separate driver arrangements with no additional booking fees assessed. It may not make sense to wait beyond 1.5 hours as we can simply dispatch another driver.


Our drivers have requirements over and above those for Lyft and Uber- ensuring both passenger safety and referrer’s peace of mind. Our software and management people and systems ensure reliability. Our prices are more than fair and worth the extra value we deliver.

Drivers will not be the translators for the appointments unless desired by the ordering company. Although this is not recommended by Interpreting ethics, it does bring substantial cost savings. We instruct these linguists to especially be cautious about setting critical boundaries and enmeshment avoidance; the reason it is generally not ideal.

Authorization by the insurance company/payor is required prior to scheduling the travel. 


Arrangements can be made while the interpreter is scheduled to making accessing this service more convenient. Transportation will be coordinated at the time interpretation is ordered. Transportation is also available for individuals that do not need interpretation who are unable to drive due to any incapacitation for optimal safety.

Drivers access our software booking system and appointment information via their smart phone and will have information available as soon as the appointment is booked. This system provides drivers with access to a cloud-based HIPPA protected information for immediate confirmation/changes. The client is also notified when the driver is 10-15 minutes away and the identity of the driver’s car.

The cars are clearly marked with a large, unique logo sticker in several obvious places. A phone number is offered to the passenger should they want to confirm this is the driver before entering the vehicle. Drivers are dressed professionally with a dress code and identifying company lapel pin.


Booking fee: When billing, appointment and customer information is gathered. This will be billed at or soon after the time of the call. $8.00.

Mileage: $2.35/mile only. No per minute charge like Uber or Lyft.

Wait time: First 30 minutes at no charge. $3.75 every 15 minutes.

Calls: 1 Free call. 1 free text to passenger.


Private Market to Customer- Direct:

We will consider private transportation service on a demand basis for:

  1. Highly under-served areas in the state.
  2. Populations in need due to our super qualified, screened drivers:
    • Children needing accompanied drivers to dental appointments
    • Other vulnerable individuals unable to drive themselves