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Preferred Language Services Provider

doctor One World Translation is listed as a preferred language services provider of many esteemed hospitals, clinics and insurance companies. We have earned this distinction through our best practices of ethical and accurate interpreting for patients at their medical appointments.

Whether it’s a medical evaluation, therapy, specialist appointment or surgery, our on-time interpreters are there to guide the patients through the medical system.

In a health care setting, it is important to rely on a professional interpreter to limit liabilities, provide impartiality, and promote mutual trust.

work_compWorkers’ Compensation Specialists
We have special expertise and experience in the workers’ compensation field. Our Director and CEO is a registered nurse case manager with 35 years of health care and interpreting experience.

We work with many health care providers and insurance companies and are highly experienced in coordinating and interpreting for injured workers in all facets of a claim.

  • We are experienced with taking phone statements
  • To assist in setting up treatment, our office staff will call for authorization in advance of appointments
  • Our interpreters make a courtesy call to the provider and to the patient the day before to confirm the appointment, if desired


nurse_patientExpert Hospital Experience
One World Translation’s founder has assisted hospitals create, build and refine their own interpreting and translation teams. We are aware and sensitive to the challenges hospitals face, and how to best incorporate interpreting and translation services into overall operations and budgets.

We have the experience and ability to respond to needs for exotic languages and after-hours service at realistic rates.

testimonial_2All Medical Specialties:
Private Patients in Clinics, Hospitals, At-Home Visits
Our interpreters are trained in the basics of patient health care and medical terminology. We are versed in a wide variety of medical specialties including alternative medicine.

Do you need transportation to the appointment?

No problem, we’ve got you covered. Once the insurance company has approved this extended servic, we will coordinate and make certain in whatever language is needed that all parties are aware of the arrangements.