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business_teamOne World Translation hires, trains and provides the best Interpreters and Translators for over 90 different languages. We are professionally recognized and preferred by top companies, leading hospitals, and insurers. We have the best rates, better service and we won’t break your budget!

We enable Limited English Proficient (LEP) customers to communicate with others through our linguists in over 90 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL).

We offer a unique and intensive testing and training program to ensure an optimal quality experience. Our philosophy is to consistently provide a number of best practices, such as assigning cases to a single, reliable, staff member from start to finish. All of our interpreters are employees who are fully insured to protect all parties, a benefit not always inherent in our industry.

Since 2002, we have built the resources and expertise to address all your language communication needs through our expertly trained, high-caliber employees.

Our founder has over 35 years of professional medical experience in nursing and 18 years in the interpretation and translation industry.

Our interpreters are fully insured to protect all parties. We offer an optimal experience by providing a number of best practices, such as assigning cases to a single, reliable, staff member.

Our customers praise our timeliness and responsiveness to short notice needs and exceptional delivery.

Based in Colorado, we offer language services worldwide. We have a representative standing by to assist you in setting up services today!

Our business is to provide our customers with world class translation and interpretation services, delivered on-time, with integrity, at affordable prices.
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