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Translating and interpreting share the common goal of taking the spoken or written word from one language and communicating it in another.

Translating is done using written words and interpreting is done verbally.

One World Translation hires only the very best!  We conduct professional training courses and we have implemented our own mentorship and quality assurance programs to support and develop the skills of our interpreters.

We service a broad range of fields medical, legal, insurance, large and small companies, schools and private occasions all at the best rates!

Workers’ Compensation Medical Interpreting
We work with many health care providers and insurance companies and we are extremely experienced in interpreting for injured workers.

nurse with patientAll Medical Specialties Interpreting
Our interpreters are trained in a variety of health care specialties and medical terminology. We’ll interpret for any medical need.

Interpreting at Any Location
All you need to do is call to let us know where, when, what language and we’ll be there. We match our interpreters to your location need.

If you have any special circumstances or requests for a gender-specific interpreter, just let us know. We’re also available to cover short notice, last minute assignments whenever we can just give us a call!

Appointment Reminders


Legal Interpreting

Schools and Language Education

Phone Interpreting and Conference Calls

Multimedia Presentations, Websites and Voice-Overs

Small Businesses & Corporations