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Interpreter Training: The Community Interpreter® and Bridging the Gap

Welcome a new career or advance your current one!

Get your professional community/medical 40-hour interpreter or your 64 hour certificate at a great price & location! To be offered on a regular basis.

We are offering two 40-hour certificate programs at the best price in Colorado for TCI- The Community Interpreter® and BTG- Bridging the Gap® professional interpreter training courses.

The language testing is included with the $525 cost for the 40 hour courses. There is a small additional of $180 for the 64 hour course and it can be completed as early as September.

Pre-Requisite: Language Proficiency Test

Allow us to get you started with your test so you can be assured you can attend; choose the class, date and location that works best for you.

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The Differences between TCI and BTG:

Both of our 40 hour courses cover ethics, professional conduct, focused skills, positioning, sight translation, interpreting modes, cultural mediation, intervention strategies and other vital skills.

The Community Interpreter®

The Community Interpreter® (TCI) course addresses working in community settings such as health and human services, schools and an introduction to the legal system.

Cost: $525 includes textbooks, language testing & snacks.

When: August 6-10 (M-F), 8:30am-5:30pm

Where: Denver (exact location TBA)

The TCI course addresses working
Role plays, activities, and group exercises provide hands-on experience for skills development by a passionate, experienced teacher with a convenient class schedule.

Bridging the Gap®

Bridging the Gap® (BTG) course focuses on the health care system; including medical terminology and anatomy. This is offered in a 40 hour course- the student may opt for the 64 hour course which presents mental health interpreting. Additional glossaries in various languages are included both for the mental health and well as general/medical interpreting BTG courses.

Cost: $525 includes textbooks, language testing & snacks.

When: September 6-8 & 14-15

The 64 hour class will be offered in late October or early November

Where: Denver (exact location TBA)

Cultural Competency and Diversity and Inclusion courses will be offered soon.

All courses are taught by instructors with certificates from CCHI and CCHCP who are very experienced.

If you want to be a great interpreter, take our 64 hour class- it includes the dimension of mental health interpreting. Enrichment in this area can be a support for all areas of interpreting. Mental health is a part of every person integrated into every aspect of life and a certificate seen as high value by many top companies and agencies. This will be taught by a seasoned mental health and interpreting professional! Certificates are required by a growing number of agencies and major employers.