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Professional Interpreter Education

For full details about the classes check out the Interpreter Education page.

  • 40-Hour and 64-hour Certificate Classes by experienced licensed Cross Cultural Communications instructors
  • Summer 2018: The Community Interpreter “TCI” to start August 6th ::more info::
  • Bridging the Gap to start September 6th, 2018 ::more info::
  • Lowest price available in Colorado: $525 ‐ $25 off this summer only!
  • Denver and Boulder County locations
  • Scheduled for convenience and minimal loss of Monday- Friday work time!
  • Pleasant surroundings, plenty of parking
  • Reserve your space today and find out about the language testing required before class:

Visit the Interpreter Education page, e-mail info@oneworldtranslation.com, or call (303) 485-5200 for more details or to reserve your seat.

Language Education

Would you like to offer ESL classes to a group or do you have an interest in one-on-one instruction?

We have experienced instructors ready to teach ESL (English as a Second Language) classes that can be tailored to your needs, for any length of time that suits you.

We also offer instructors for private foreign language classes. We have instructors that are friendly, patient and understanding.